The aim of the International Mediterranean Tourism Symposiums is to determine, record and raise awareness of the natural, cultural, historical, tangible and intangible cultural heritage and all other touristic attractions with certain scientific methods in order to ensure the development of the region within a social, cultural and economically sustainable development model.The name of the symposium, formerly the Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium, was changed to the International Mediterranean Tourism Symposium so that it could address the entire Mediterranean basin. The places, subjects and dates of the National and International Mediterranean Tourism Symposiums held so far are as follows:
                               Table 1: Historical Process of Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium

Symposium    University   Theme  Location   Date  
Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium  Cag University /Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Regional Destination Management Yenice / Mersin 20-22/ 04.2022                                                 
Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium  Cukurova University/ College of Tourism and Hotel Management   Eco Tourism  Adana  19.04.2013
Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium   Mersin University / Tourism Faculty  and Tourism Application and Research Center  Sport Tourism in the Eastern Mediterranean Mersin  18.04.2014
Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium  Mustafa Kemal University / School of Tourism and Management  Gastronomy Tourism in the Eastern Mediterranean Region  Hatay  17.04.2015 
Eastern        Mediterranean Tourism Symposium  Eastern Mediterranean University  Special Interest Tourism  K.K.T.C.  17.04.2016
6. National 2. International Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium   Gaziantep University / Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Management Gastronomy and Culture Tourism  Gaziantep  14-15 /04.2017
7. National 3. International Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium  İskenderun Technical University Technology and Innovation in Tourism İskenderun  20/21.04.2018
8. National 4. International Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium  Mersin University / Anamur School of Applied Technology and Management Rural Tourism   Anamur   19-20.04.2019
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